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I wanted to do something with my hands...


I remembered telling a friend “all I want to do is something with my hands”, something inside me was telling me to stay away from office jobs, computers, numbers and reports...I wanted to do something artistic, inspirational, functional, beautiful, I didn’t know what...

I went to a fantastic decoupage workshop in Marlow run by lovely local artist Loukia Vassiliou and started then working on many projects: decoupage shoes (with very funky results), decorative vases, decoupage bars of soaps, decoupage dinner plates and glasses... you name it. During the learning process and in search of ideas, one day I watched a video on YouTube that took me to another video which also led me to another video and to another one ... and I ended up falling in love with resin works.


After becoming obsessed with the colours and possibilities resin could add to any work then I came across Mark Montano’s channel, American interior designer and amazing DIYer, that completely blow me away.

He gave me the answer to what I was looking for: decoupage techniques on wood then finishing with resin art!!!

Everything came together, my dream of using my hands, my knowledge and inspirations to create beautiful and totally unique pieces of USEFUL art: DECORATIVE WOODEN TRAYS!!!!!!

tray painting
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